A dimensions guide for LivingRoom. (introduction)

There are several types of living room furniture layout, depend on how you and your families and friend gathering and living, and of course, how big is your living room.


Single row, L shape, and C shape are 3 of the most common living room furniture layout. Most of the seats are directly facing the TV and provide good cinema experience(you can also replace the TV with a campfire if you want to).

單排,L形和C形。 三種最常見的客廳家具配置,多數的座位都直接的面向電視、並提供了良好的影院體驗(如果需要,您也可以用篝火代替電視)。

2 row, and U shape are 2 common living room furniture layout that rather than create good viewing experience, it focuses more on providing space suitable for face-to-face conversations and exchanges.

雙排U和C形。 這兩種客廳家具配置,比起觀影體驗、更著重在提供一個適合人面對面談話交流的空間



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