A dimensions guide for Dining room. (introduction)


In the general dining room design. There are 2 main functions to be considered: the seat and the storage space.

The number of seats can be determined according to how many people are expected to eat. If there is enough space, you can also consider a larger table or reserve additional seats to increase the flexibility of future use. And if a storage space can be provided by the dining table, small household appliances commonly used in daily life can be placed, or even electrical cabinets can be set, tableware or related accessories commonly used on the dining table can also be stored, or simply used for storing food.

In the use of space, because the restaurant does not particularly need the relationship between ventilation and lighting, and the dining behavior is not entirely private, and often related to visiting guests, it is often used as a part of the public domain in the residence. It is placed in the center of the house or in the area closer to the entrance, so it also shoulders the function of connecting various spaces.

The choice of the dining table is usually determined by the shape of the space and the preferences and living habits of each person. Generally, the common shapes are rectangle and round, and oval dining tables are relatively rare.







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