A dimensions guide for Enclosed Kitchen. (principle)


About basic kitchen design principles

In the general kitchen design. The main consideration is how to choose and set up the basic refrigerator, stove, sink, and electric cooker, steamer, oven, rice cooker, gas fryer, quick-boiler, hot pot, automatic coffee machine, dishwasher, etc. Other equipment and work surfaces, and arrange how to use these equipment. At the same time, in Taiwan, the kitchen often doubles as a passage to the work balcony.

The design of a kitchen, in order to meet the main cooking functions, should have at least basic refrigerator, stove, sink and work surface. Usually the stove top, sink and work surface are combined as a whole. The recommended minimum length of the three in one should be 210 to 240 cm. And considering the convenience of cooking, the distance of these four basic elements should be arranged nearby.

In response to modern and diversified cooking equipment and all kinds of small kitchen appliances, additional countertops can be used to place these small appliances, or special electrical cabinets can be set up to install all kinds of equipment in a three-dimensional manner. And because this kind of cooking equipment and small appliances are not as frequently used as the four basic elements of the kitchen: refrigerators, stoves, sinks and countertops, they can be arranged at the edge of the kitchen, or even outside the kitchen.

If multiple people are considering cooking at the same time, additional kitchen countertops should be added, and the aisle space should be increased to allow more space for multiple people to use.






About enclosed kitchen

The advantage of a enclosed kitchen is that it can simply and effectively suppress the spread of oil fume, and it can simple hided when the kitchen is messy. In Taiwan’s high-rise residential buildings, enclosed kitchens are mostly used for the fire protection zoning required by building fire protection regulations when setting up gas stoves. The disadvantage is that it requires additional passage, often takes up more area, and does not communicate well with other spaces.



Evaluate the kitchen

Since each user or each group has different frequency, habits, and emphasis on cooking, there are huge differences in the needs of the kitchen. Those who love or value cooking need a fully functional kitchen; those who often buy ready-made food or eat out may only need the simplest kitchen; and those who like to cook with others need additional countertops and more spacious space.

So we introduced the concept of service level. A general simple kitchen provides a stove, sink, and refrigerator, and the total length of the stove, sink and work surface reaches 210 cm (the depth of the countertop is 60 cm). Such a kitchen can become a kitchen with service level one; and if added an Electrical cabinets and an additional 120 cm wide auxiliary countertop (the countertop depth is 30 cm) can reach the service level 3 kitchen; and if an additional 180 cm wide countertop (the countertop depth is 60 cm) is added, it can reach service level 6 kitchen.



因此我們引入了服務等級的概念。一個一般的簡易廚房提供了爐台、水槽、冰箱,且爐台、水槽與工作臺面的總長度達到210公分(檯面深度為60公分) ,這樣的廚房可以成為服務等級一的廚房;而若是增加一個電器櫃與額外的120公分寬度的輔助檯面(檯面深度為30公分) ,則可以達到服務等級三的廚房; 而若是再增加額外的180公分寬度的檯面(檯面深度為60公分) ,則可以達到服務等級六的廚房。

Service level 2
Service level 4
Service level 5

  • The following is the service level grading table we have established based on common kitchens with different orientations (adopting a system of plus and minus points)
  • Basic requirement
    • +1 Including the stove, sink, and refrigerator, and the total length of the stove, sink and counter reaches 180 cm (the depth of the counter is 60 cm)
    • Electrical cabinet (up to +1)
      +1 includes an electrical cabinet with a width of 60 or 75 cm and a depth of 60 cm.
    • Additional countertops (unlimited points)
      +1 extra 60 cm width counter (table top depth is 60 cm)
      +1 extra 120 cm wide counter (table top depth is 30 cm)
    • Suggested requirement
      • Doors and passages leading to the working balcony
  • 以下是我們根據常見的不同取向的廚房所建立的服務水準分級表(採用加減分制度)
    • 基本條件
      +1 包含爐台、水槽、冰箱,且爐台、水槽與工作臺面的總長度達到180公分(檯面深度為60公分)
    • 電器櫃(最多+1)
      +1 包含一個寬度60或75公分,深度60公分的電器櫃。
    • 額外的檯面(無限制取分)
      +1 額外的60公分寬度的檯面(檯面深度為60公分)
      +1 額外的120公分寬度的檯面(檯面深度為30公分)
    • 建議條件
      • 通往工作陽台的門與通道



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