HARL-Handrail | HARL-Series A to A2/ HARL-欄杆系列A至A2

HARL-Series A to A2


Frequently used glass railings supported by balusters, The glass of the A series is fixed with a square clips, and covers various types such as side mounted, top mounted, with top rail, and without top rail.

The glass of the A2 series is fixed by arms and spiders. There are two types railing : with top rail, and without top rail. Because this type of railing glass has a large distance from the baluster, for safety reasons, the top mounted is generally used instead of the side mounted.

For those users who want to manually place railing posts, we have also made railing baluster for each type of railing (using REVIT railing support family)




Revit File Version

Revit 2018 ~

In this Package

  • AGRV-HRAL_SeriesA-H120-W≈120-EQ
  • AGRV-HRAL_SeriesA-H150-W≈120-EQ
  • AGRV-HRAL_SeriesA-TopRail-H120-W≈120-EQ
  • AGRV-HRAL_SeriesA-TopRail-H150-W≈120-EQ
  • AGRV-HRAL_SeriesA-Hang-TopRail-H120-W≈120-EQ
  • AGRV-HRAL_SeriesA-Hang-TopRail-H150-W≈120-EQ
  • AGRV-HRAL_SeriesA-Hang-H120-W≈120-EQ
  • AGRV-HRAL_SeriesA-Hang-H150-W≈120-EQ
  • AGRV-HRAL_SeriesA2-H120-W≈120-EQ
  • AGRV-HRAL_SeriesA2-H150-W≈120-EQ
  • AGRV-HRAL_SeriesA2-TopRail-H120-W≈120-EQ
  • AGRV-HRAL_SeriesA2-TopRail-H150-W≈120-EQ



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