2Bedroom Unit 1.5 Daylight Surface Center #A 二房型 1.5 面採光 中央進 #A

The space layout of this room type is that the entrance is set in the center, and the entrances are the hallway, dining room, and living room in sequence. The second bedroom, kitchen and working balcony are set on one side, and the master bedroom and bathroom are set on the other side.

  • Advantages: very little aisle space
  • Disadvantages: Inflexible compartments, public and private areas are mixed
  • Overall natural lighting and ventilation level: normal


  • 優點 : 走道空間極少
  • 缺點 : 隔間無彈性、公領域與私領域較混雜
  • 整體自然採光與通風水準 : 普通

Due to some technical problems, please refer to the larger image below or download it from GOOGLE DRIVE.

由於一些技術問題,大圖請再下方查閱,或從GOOGLE DRIVE下載後查閱。



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